Company Profile

Hall Designs


Founded: 2013

Owner: Craig Hall


Areas of expertise: 3D mechanical design, product design & development,

reverse engineering, jig & fixture design, production sourcing, value engineering,prototype & short run production.

Media & Recognition

From napkin sketches, samples, prototypes, to working models, we can help you get your product into CAD for manufacturing.


At Hall Designs, our goal is to help you become more efficient. We can take your thoughts, ideas or working samples and get them into a CAD format that's suitable for manufacturing. Whether it be a simple lasered steel part, a complex, multi component welded structure or a CNC machined bracket we can help you obtain the final result you're looking for. We review your production requirements, quantities, capabilities in house or outsourcing and design accordingly to get you the best value. We keep you involved in every aspect throughout the entire design phase to obtain the result you're looking for. With 20 of experience in the fabrication business and job shop